Our Mandate

The Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions CBAHI is responsible for helping and supporting healthcare facilities, including hospitals, laboratories, blood banks, clinics and other ambulatory healthcare centers, to provide excellent and effective healthcare services known as the safest services at the highest quality and best value. We do this through carrying out the responsibilities assigned to us, including the following:
  • setting Standards: We set unified performance standards for all healthcare
    facilities operating in the Kingdom.
  • Support: We prepare healthcare facilities to apply accreditation standards
    and continuously comply therewith through our training, educational and advisory services.
  • Assessment and Accreditation : We assess and grant accreditation to all healthcare facilities
    through field visits conducted by professional surveyors.
  • Performance Monitoring : We follow up with the performance of healthcare facilities to
    ensure their continuous compliance with accreditation standards
    and key performance indicators set forth in those standards.
  • Attracting and Training of Surveyors : We have great passion to attract and train qualified
    surveyors to conduct survey visits.
  • Research: We conduct researches related to healthcare quality
    and best practices of patient safety. In this regard, we
    cooperate with all relevant bodies.
  • Representing the Kingdom: We represent the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all important events related to healthcare accreditation locally, regionally and globally. This includes quality and patient safety forums,
    cooperation and sharing experiences with international healthcare accreditation agencies
    and organizations.