Surveyors Common Questions

Who is a CBAHI Surveyor?
The CBAHI Surveyor is the person who conducts survey visits to healthcare institutions and is qualified in a survey specialty in accordance with established standards after passing training by CBAHI.

Do I have to live in Riyadh to become a certified CBAHI surveyor?
No. Certified surveyors live in all areas of the Kingdom and are assigned to perform surveys as needed throughout Saudi Arabia.

What is expected of a CBAHI certified surveyor?
Certified surveyors are expected to conduct surveys anywhere in the Kingdom and give a minimum of 20 surveying days annually. 

How would CBAHI facilitate survey visits?
CBAHI is responsible for organizing the arrangements for travel, accommodation, and transportation (from the airport, residence, and to survey visit). 

What are the requirements to become a CBAHI surveyor?
• Hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree in the specialty required. Higher qualification is preferred.
• Practical experience of minimum of 3 years in a senior position.  Experience in healthcare quality and accreditation is preferred.

How do I apply to become a CBAHI surveyor?
You can apply online through this link: Join as a CBAHI Surveyor  

Is there a training program for CBAHI surveyors?
Yes.  Candidates will be invited for a theoretical and practical training program about designated CBAHI standards for several days, and then perform practical training through field surveying visits. 

How do I verify current certified CBAHI surveyors?
You are advised to communicate with CBAHI through official channels directly, or you can scan the bar code found on a CBAHI Surveyor’s ID/Badge.  Moreover, it is not allowed for any person to introduce him/herself as a CBAHI surveyor unless CBAHI officially advises so, and also must give the purpose and details of the visit. 

How do I contact the Surveyors Affairs Department? 
Please send your queries to: