Surveyors Guide

CBAHI invites applications from health care professionals with expertise in all aspects of healthcare.

Who is the surveyor?
The Surveyor is the person who conducts survey visits to healthcare institutions and is qualified in a survey specialty in accordance with established standards after passing training by CBAHI.   

Surveyor roles and attributes:

As a surveyor, you will be asked to:
• Assess the healthcare facility’s performance against the national standards of quality and patient safety by conducting on-site surveys.
• Deliver educational sessions as required.

Qualification and experience requirements:
• Hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree in the specialty required.  Higher qualification is preferred.
• Practical experience of minimum of 3 years in a senior position.  Experience in healthcare quality and accreditation is preferred.

Becoming a CBAHI Surveyor:
CBAHI seeks expert healthcare professionals to share their knowledge and experience in the review of organizational practices to:
• Join a team of professionals and become part of healthcare improvement team in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Benefits of becoming a CBAHI Surveyor
• Enrichment of skill mix and experience
• Expanding professional network
• Gaining CMEs
• Career advancement

Join the CBAHI Surveyors Team by submitting an online application and attaching required documents through this link: Join as a Surveyor

Accepted Applicants:
• Accepted applicants will be invited for an interview.  
• After passing the interview, candidates will be invited for a several days’ theoretical and practical training program. 

For further queries and clarification, do not hesitate to contact us on: