Due to increasing need, CBAHI always seeks to enroll new surveyors and for that purpose, invites applications from health care professionals with expertise in Leadership and Quality Management, Medical, Nursing, as well as specialized fields such as, Medication Management, Infection Control, Laboratory and Facility Management and Safety with good command of English language both spoken and written and good computer and communication skills.

Who is the surveyor?

  • A peer reviewer who assesses the performance of health care facilities against national hospital standards of excellence.
  • A dedicated professional who devotes time and expertise to the accreditation process.

Surveyor’s role and attributes:

As a surveyor, you will be called upon to
  • Assess the healthcare facility’s performance against the national standards of quality and patient safety by conducting on-site surveys.
  • Deliver educational sessions if required
  • To become a certified CBAHI surveyor attend Surveyor Learning Program (SLP) provided by CBAHI.
In addition to qualifications, experience and training, several personality attributes are required for a successful candidates who will be the future surveyor. These include, but not limited to, the following:
  • Open mindedness
    Willingness to consider alternative ideas or points of view.
  • Diplomacy
    Tact and skill in dealing with people.
  • Being observant
    To be constantly and actively aware of physical surroundings and activities.
  • Perceptiveness
    Ability to use his/ her instincts to understand and adapt to situations.
  • Tenacity
    Persistence, the ability to be focused, oriented towards objectives.
  • Decisiveness
    Ability to make decisions based on logical reasoning and analytical skills.
  • Self-reliance
    Ability to act and function on one's own while interacting effectively with others.
  • Integrity
    Needs to be fair, truthful, sincere, honest and discreet.
  • Communication skills
    Ability to communicate effectively.

Qualification and experience requirements:

  • Hold at least Bachelor degree in the specialty required (Higher qualification preferred)
  • Practical experience of minimum 3 years in the relevant specialty.
  • Experience in quality and accreditation is preferred.
  • Knowledge about the Saudi Arabian health system.
  • Currently resident in Saudi Arabia with no plans to leave within 3 years.

Become a CBAHI Surveyor

CBAHI recruits expert healthcare professionals to share their knowledge and experience in the review of organizational practices to:
  • Join a team of professionals and become part of the health care improvement history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Contribute towards pioneering a national accreditation program
  • Share in the successes and learning of a national program launch that focuses on quality and patient safety

Benefits of becoming a CBAHI Surveyor

In addition to the above mentioned points, CBAHI Surveyors also gain following benefits:
  • Enrichment of skill mix and experience
    By working in a multi-domain expert group, each Surveyors enhances his/ her skills and expertise in several healthcare quality and safety fields by gaining cross training and understanding of other domains.
  • Expanding network
    CBAHI conducts many local and international events and gatherings that are attended by its Surveyors, industry experts and healthcare professionals from around the world on regular basis. This gives a chance for them to know each other and increase their circle on professional and social levels.
  • Gaining CMEs
    A CBAHI surveyor, during and after completion of Surveyors Learning Program (SLP), attends many educational lectures, seminars and workshops, which provide chances of Continued Medical Education (CME) to them.
  • Additional source of income
    CBAHI surveyors are paid for conducting on-site surveys without losing their day-job income. In addition to gaining experience, this serves as an additional source of income for them.
  • Career advancement
    For those seeking to start or advance their careers in healthcare quality and patient safety, becoming CBAHI Surveyor is an excellent opportunity for learning, experience sharing and networking with the well-known local and international experts in the field.