Home Healthcare Services Accreditation Program

Home healthcare is a new field in KSA. This type of healthcare is provided by skillful practitioners for patients at home. The service could also cover nursing care, physical and professional treatment, contact language and social medical services.
Home healthcare services are aimed at helping individuals to improve their life functions and live more independently, in addition to enhancing the level of patients’ well-being and to help them stay at home instead of hospitalization at healthcare facilities for long periods of time. 

The environment of home healthcare differs from that of hospitals and other facilities. Therefore, the multidisciplinary objectives and nature of home healthcare services pose a challenge to the quality level which differs from that available at traditional hospitals. The CBAHI is currently developing an accreditation program for home healthcare services that is specially designed for this new field in the Kingdom. 

The program is underdevelopment
For further inquiries regarding HHC program, ahc@cbahi.gov.sa