Training programs

There are several local and international activities that CBAHI conducts under the banner of its training programs. Following are some main activities
Surveyor Learning Program (SLP)
SLP is a comprehensive training program for healthcare professional who are selected to become CBAHI surveyors. The Training Department provides training to surveyor-candidates who have passed a preliminary screening process. In order to become a surveyor, the candidates must successfully complete and pass the following SLP stages:
  • Stage I: Instruction – Surveyor-candidates will attend lectures and participate in workshops on Quality Management, Medicine, Nursing, Laboratory, Pharmacy, and Infection Control for three to four days. During this stage, each candidate’s comprehension of each subject and related performance will be assessed.
  • Stage II: Observation – Surveyor-candidates will accompany CBAHI’s accredited surveyors for a site visit to a healthcare facility where he/she will observe the assessment process in action under the direct supervision of the team leader.
  • Stage III: Practical Experience – During the final stage of SLP, candidates will participate as members of a team of surveyors during an actual site visit to a healthcare facility. The candidates will perform all of the duties of an accredited surveyor including monitoring the level of standards application and presenting the technical report to the team leader according to CBAHI’s requirements.

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Hospital Orientation Program (HOP)
HOP is a special program devised for orientation of the healthcare facilities that have recently been exposed to healthcare accreditation and are planning for surveys of their facilities.

CBAHI provides ongoing HOPs at different locations throughout the year. Hospitals are highly encouraged to attend at one of HOPs offered by CBAHI, free of charge. Although any hospital can attend, the priority goes for hospitals selected for the current year accreditation program. During these orientation sessions, standards, accreditation policies, and survey process are all explained in detail. This is a good opportunity for the hospital representatives to enquire about the intent of a standard and how it will be implemented. Dates and venues of the orientation programs will be communicated to the hospitals in a timely manner.

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